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Market Glory

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Market Glory

Market Glory

Each player MarketGlory community has the opportunity to: work, establish businesses, government run, recommend referrals, acquire military ranks and build your organization. 

The road to success story in Market Glory is the strategy of each player personalized Glory Market community.

What to do: 
First day of the game you fight the trainer and work 10 to 24 hours once. 

Since the day of the game start to buy more than 10 papers on the market, and dairy dishes according to the budget, to increase energy, and execute first 10 fights then work.

When combat bonus is below 5 are no longer cost effective purchasing power in the market for those who make the fights. 

It is necessary for a beginner to buy newspapers or other sources of renewable energy power only if you make profit in struggle and work, what you earn and invest subtract the result is called profit. 

Investment in the energy game is recommended depending on the subsidy. 
If bonuses are large energy investment in a profit.

If this buy 10 newspapers - Energy 3 (not more), milk and food products (see below energy sources) execute battles, and work. 

It is very important to correlate expenses in relation to revenue. 

Not everyone is beneficial to have a high energy. 
Energy can reach up to 100. 
After you get used to the rules of the game and how things work here, I recommend you buy the package of 100 points experience. 
This package recommended to have a better start and higher earnings from work and work bonus. 

Free EUR Source: 

  Those who register by your link you will get them automatically referral and take between 10% and 15% of all collected and invests it according to your energy and experience will grow faster when you work if your referrals have more than 1 point energy at 11:30 AM.

Tell all your referral link and earn commissions from Market Glory.

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